Fagor LA-100C TP2

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- FAGOR industrial washing machine: Specially designed for laundries with quality process factors, energy saving and water saving as top priorities. Fagor introduces the new generation LA-100C TP2 industrial washing machine with high spin speed providing top performance and a fresh modern look to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. With the highest G-Factor 450 on the market today, benefits such as significantly reducing residual moisture after washing and reducing drying time, saving drying and ironing time. Optimal squeezing force, helping to save 25% of system operating costs. Capacity of 100kg/batch meets very well the requirements of industrial laundry in Vietnam today.

- Fagor industrial washing machines are globally famous for their high durability, low operating costs, simple and quick installation, and compact design, which are all competitive advantages of the machine compared to other lines. Scientific body design, very smooth running, suitable for use in: Hotels, Hospitals, Factories, Laundry facilities, ... especially with Fagor's softmount line, which is simple to install - requires effective motion. Allows detailed adjustment of water level, temperature, speed, time... as required. Flexible program setup from 26 available programs.

- In addition, Fagor LA-100C TP2 industrial washing machine has a real-time storage function, helping the machine continue to perform the next washing steps after a sudden stop (temporary power failure, proactive emergency stop...) Fagor LA-100C TP2 industrial washing machine is designed and has a solid structure and the most modern features researched and developed by Fagor-Spain, with the goal of saving energy, saving electricity, and saving money. water through these features:

- Stainless steel design: The machine shell, washing chamber and washing drum are made of stainless steel, with a beautiful, luxurious design, providing better quality and increased durability, extending the life of the washing machine. and avoid corrosion phenomena;

- Automatic water mixing system: Water temperature can be varied thanks to the heater or hot and cold water mixing system, helping to save energy and reduce washing time. This system prevents water from flowing back into the main pipe, complies with WRAS global certification (Optional)

- Dynamic balance control: Using inverter technology helps the washing machine operate smoothly, detecting imbalance when spinning from the early stages to help prolong the life of the machine, reduce washing time and save money. electricity. TP2 controller with 7" wide touch screen, easy to program, user-friendly, can display 37 languages, including Vietnamese, this is the outstanding advantage of this controller.

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